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Why Doesn’t My Best Friend Have Gingivitis?

So, you think to yourself: “My best friend and I are alike in nearly every way! We eat the same way, we buy the same dental hygiene products, we are practically twins! Why do I have gingivitis but my bestie does not?” When you feel like you’re dealing with gum disease while those around you are seeming to squeak by without any dental issues, it can feel frustrating. Rest assured, there are some common reasons for this! Allow us to help you understand what might be happening behind the scenes.

Your Methods Might Be Different

You and your best friend for life might shop together, read reviews of dental hygiene products together, and so on and so forth. However, you are probably brushing and flossing on your own. If your friend is more thorough or more consistent, this could be why you are experiencing gum disease and your friend is not.

It’s Often Hormonal

Are you pregnant? Are you experiencing a shift in your hormones? Is anything else going on that might be influencing your hormone levels? You might not have heard this before, but changes in your hormones (such as becoming pregnant) can actually increase your chance of dealing with gum inflammation and gum disease. This might answer your question.

Genetics Do Play A Role

You might feel like a twin to your best friend but your differences in your genetic makeup can play a heavy hand in your likelihood of experiencing gum disease. Sometimes heredity doesn’t play out the way we would prefer. This is why maintaining excellent oral health habits is essential for everyone. No matter what, brushing, flossing, and professional care will protect your gum health (even when your genes aren’t helping).