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The Facts You Want About Whitening

When you start giving yourself the green light to go ahead with teeth whitening for a brighter smile, you might find there are some concerns that continue to weigh heavily on your mind. Rather than giving into such worries, we suggest you run them by us first. It’s extremely common for us to discover that a patient has heard a lot of rumors that simply are not true. Unfortunately, these rumors can stand in your way of receiving the improvements you want for your smile! Let us enlighten you with some facts (and remember to ask your questions during visits).

Fact: Whitening Is Comfortable

Perhaps you have heard scary stories from friends who have filled your mind with worry. They’ve told you a lot of details about the way teeth whitening feels, none of which sound pleasant. The good news is that when you receive professional whitening with us, we provide you with one of two options to ensure you receive the whitest smile you can achieve, while we protect your comfort. Simple as that.

Fact: Whitening Won’t Cause Long-Term Sensitivity

As we mentioned, our goal is to help you whiten your teeth, not to cause you discomfort. You will notice when you come to us to discuss teeth whitening that our priority is your oral health, which always comes before esthetics. We only provide treatments that are safe for you.

Fact: Whitening Isn’t The Only Option

Perhaps a friend mentioned to you that she wanted teeth whitening but she was turned away. Don’t worry! While it’s possible that whitening isn’t right for you, another type of cosmetic treatment (like porcelain veneers) is waiting in the wings to come to the rescue.