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3 Filling Facts To Make You Smile

One of the last things you probably feel like doing when you’re informed you have tooth decay? Smiling. However, we are of the mind that when you get to restore a tooth, it’s certainly a great reason to grin! As a result, we would like to share a few facts that will make you feel more confident and optimistic about receiving a dental filling.

Fact #1: It’s A Simple Procedure

We perform dental fillings on a regular basis (as in, every day). It’s a quick, convenient procedure that will transform your decaying tooth into one that is structurally whole and healthy again typically within under an hour. You can come in with an unhealthy tooth and then get right back to your usual daily activities without missing a beat (and with a healthy smile).

Fact #2: It’s Comfortable

Believe it or not, when you start asking around about the comfort of receiving a dental filling, you will find that most people agree: It’s really no big deal. Thanks to local anesthetic, efficient and modern dental care, and sedation options, you won’t feel much at all (except for thankful that your tooth is healthy again!).

Fact #3: Your Tooth Will Be Better

Your tooth will become a better version in more ways than one than its condition when you come in for your dental filling. It will become stable and functional again, it will become comfortable, it will look healthy and lovely again (we use tooth-colored fillings), and you won’t have to worry about the decay getting worse (because it will be gone).