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Eating: The Steps You Overlook

It’s very easy to take for granted the fact that we can pop food into our mouths, break it down, swallow it, and get on with our day. Have you ever stopped to consider how food goes from the delicious stuff on your plate to your stomach, where it will then further break down so it can fuel your body? If not, the brief moments food is in your mouth are full of some surprising details. In fact, it might make you think twice about the significance of your oral health. A healthy mouth is one that allows for continued ease of eating!

First, The Saliva

Have you ever smelled something quite delicious and noticed your mouth began to water? This isn’t just something you see in the cartoons. When you’re ready to eat, your body produces saliva. Your “spit” as you may call it is composed mostly of water (and some food-breaking-down-enzymes) to wet the food you put in your mouth, making it easier to chew and swallow.

You Use Your Teeth

A main reason it’s important to protect your oral health? Your teeth are very necessary in your ability to eat! Your teeth will do much of the breaking down of that food, while you gnash it between your top and bottom teeth. Your jaws provide exceptional force, which you already know from trying to eat something very hard or chewy.

Your Tongue Is Important, Too!

Ever wonder what your tongue is for and why you need to brush it as part of your oral health care? It’s as important as anything else! It helps you move the food around in your mouth and helps when you swallow. Need it between your teeth? Your tongue moves it. Ready to swallow? Your tongue positions the food, so you can swallow and keep eating. Interesting stuff!