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Why You Might Want Dental Bonding

Are you considering your different options when it comes to cosmetic dentistry? Have you learned that when you choose dental bonding, you can basically “add” tissue to your smile with the use of composite? If so, and this is what you think you need to make esthetic improvements, you may like what you’re hearing but still feel somewhat uncertain about how bonding applies in specific instances. How might it work for you? Let’s make our way through some reasons you just might want bonding for your needs.

You Have Small Spaces

Some patients don’t mind a gap between two teeth. Others feel extremely upset about spaces between teeth. If this is a strictly cosmetic problem that you are unhappy with (but that does not require braces), dental bonding can come to the rescue.

Some Of Your Teeth Are Short

If you have one tooth or multiple teeth in your smile that are shorter than their neighbors, bonding can help. By lengthening the appearance of the shorter offenders, we can even out the line of your smile for a beautiful, even finish.

You Need Some Coverage

Do you have a tooth with some serious staining? Do some of your teeth have an unsightly texture that you cannot do anything about on your own? Is there a little tiny chip that bothers you? When these problems occur, dental bonding can camouflage them. We will use a thin layer of composite to cover up problems (or we will rebuild minor chips)! Simple as that. Think bonding might be just what you need? Schedule a visit to find out.