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Can I Straighten My Smile … Secretly?

While it might be a little bit difficult to keep secret from the entire world the fact that you are receiving orthodontic care, there is certainly something we can do to help you hide it! For those with cosmetic concerns wishing to achieve a straighter, beautifully aligned grin through inconspicuous means, we suggest Powerprox braces. Never heard of them? Let’s talk!

What Is Powerprox?

This orthodontic care system is one that is best suited to patients looking for a cosmetic improvement (not an individual who is in need of serious attention for a misalignment). If your teeth are a bit crooked or spaced and you want your smile to look better, consider the following:

  • Powerprox will make your teeth look much more uniform within just six months
  • The system is accelerated yet safe, ensuring your teeth are protected throughout treatment

What Makes Treatment So Hidden?

Fortunately, when you choose Powerprox as your orthodontic care system to improve your smile, you’re not signing up for a smile full of metal. Instead, you are going to receive a system that includes clear brackets and the use of tooth-colored wires. The result? Your treatment is going to be practically invisible.

What If I’ve Already Had Braces?

If you have already had braces but your teeth have shifted out of place, this may be a wonderful solution for you. Remember, the goal of treatment is to assist patients who require cosmetic improvement. To refresh a smile that was previously aligned but that is not what it once was, contact us to find out if this system will work for you!