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Dental Emergency Tips

Nobody really wants to admit that a dental emergency can occur at any time. However, it’s true! You could be biting into a cookie, participating in sports, or simply sitting around doing nothing much at all! The moment an injury or serious discomfort shows up, it’s time to come see us (and fast). Do you know how to react and what to do should such a situation arise? We can help with some tips to make sure that the answer is, “Yes!”

Tip: Get Ready Ahead Of Time

You can’t predict when a dental emergency is going to happen, which is why it’s best to prepare right now. Then, if anything should ever happen, you’ll be ready at the drop of a hat! How to prepare? Do the following:

  • Store our phone number and address somewhere that you can immediately access (like your cell phone contacts list)
  • Make sure you know someone you can call in case of an emergency who will help you sort out the details of your day (or will drive you to your visit)

Tip: Don’t Panic

Don’t panic if you experience a dental emergency. It will only make you stress and will make the experience worse. Instead, focus on arriving safely at our practice for your visit.

Tip: Check Out Our Suggestions

Check out our website for suggestions regarding how to handle a variety of emergencies with your smile. As a result, you will know what do to prepare your smile for your emergency visit.

Tip: Come See Us!

Call us right away when a dental emergency occurs! We will schedule a time to see you right away.