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No Need To Fear A Broken Tooth

Does the idea of a broken tooth in your smile cause you to cringe? If so, you may wonder if there’s anything you can do to avoid such a dilemma, if your teeth are potentially not as strong as you once thought, and what on earth you can do to avoid or deal with this type of injury. Before you find yourself anxious over the possibility of missing tooth tissue, we encourage you to rest your thoughts. Keeping your teeth intact (and making repairs when accidents happen) is actually not too big of a deal!

How To Prevent Broken Teeth

If you don’t want to experience a broken tooth, you can usually get away with preventing one. Granted, accidents can happen to anyone. However, taking precautions to avoid damage is easy. Do the following:

  • If you think the food you’re about to eat is too hard or tough, don’t eat it. It can break your tooth.
  • If you are participating in any type of athletics either solo or on a team, wear a sports mouth guard.
  • If you are not keeping up with preventive visits with us (and necessary restorative treatments), do so. A tooth that’s already diseased or damaged is more likely to break than one that is not.

How We Can Address Damage

When damage does occur and you end up with a broken tooth, remember that it is not the end of the world. It’s just time to come see us for a restorative treatment that will repair your tooth. Depending on the cause of the damage, you may require one or more of the following. Don’t forget, we offer lifelike, beautiful dental treatments:

  • A filling
  • A dental crown
  • A root canal treatment
  • An extraction and tooth replacement