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Take Two Toothpaste Tips To Heart

When you’re doing your best to figure out all the ins and outs of keeping your smile healthy, one of your main concerns is likely finding a way to optimize your dental hygiene. Once you’ve got your brush chosen and your questions answered about the frequency of brushing sessions and the like, you may find that you’re still unsure about toothpaste. Which kind should you use? Does it matter? Are there certain things to pay attention to and others to stop worrying about? We can help. Fortunately, once you learn the details, you’ll know what you’re doing for life!

Tip #1: Stop Using Too Much

Don’t think you use too much toothpaste because you make a nice long strip the full length of your brush head just like you see in advertisement photos? Well, those ads are not depicting what you should be doing! Think that a mouth overflowing with suds is the way to go? Not quite. Here’s the only thing you need to know about how much toothpaste to use for effective dental hygiene (and to avoid spending extra money): Dab a pea-size amount onto your toothbrush each time you brush. The end.

Tip #2: Follow Some Simple Guidelines

As for what on earth to do when it’s time to toss a tube of toothpaste into your cart at the store, we can help. Follow some very basic dental hygiene guidelines and you won’t bat an eye the next time toothpaste is on your shopping list:

  • Choose one with fluoride
  • Choose one accepted by the American Dental Association
  • Pick a flavor you enjoy
  • Don’t use anything abrasive