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Dental Sealants: When, Why, And For How Long?

When you’re caring for your own smile, you like to feel informed. When you’re caring for your child’s smile, you want to know every last detail to make sure you’re making the best choices possible. If you’ve been looking into dental sealants for your child’s smile, we are here to let you know that choosing sealants is absolutely a good choice every single time. The good news is that they last so long, it’s a decision you will probably only have to make once. Learn more!

When Should My Child Get Sealants?

Your child should receive dental sealants a soon as your little one’s first set of molars show up (usually beginning around the age of five or a year or two after). We also suggest sealants for your child’s next set of molars. Why? Well, the sealant offers exceptional protection to these teeth that are very challenging to keep clean and free of plaque. Placing sealants immediately means they can remain healthy for a very long time.

Why Is This So Important?

Your child isn’t amazing with dental hygiene yet. He or she may be good but will not master the skill set you have by the time they are five … or even 12. It comes with practice. As a result, placing dental sealants leaves room for a little bit of error, especially on back chewing surfaces where bacteria are likely to hide.

What Is The Life Of Sealants Like?

Dental sealants usually last around 10 years. It’s quite a long time and there’s rarely a need for reapplication.