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Quiz: Are My Taste Buds Off?

While your taste buds may seem to be quite loyal to you, delivering the same experience with flavors for a very long time, it’s never surprising when a patient asks us why things no longer taste the same. A variety of changes can come into play, sometimes as the result of an oral health concern and other times as a natural result of seeing yet another birthday go by. Let’s see what you know with a quiz (and offer up details you have yet to learn).

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: If your taste buds seem “off,” as in things don’t taste like they usually do, you could be dealing with some type of damage to your buds.
  2. True or False: In some cases, your ability to taste foods becomes somewhat weaker as you get older simply as the result of aging.
  3. True or False: It’s not only your taste buds and oral health that affects tasting. Your sense of smell plays a big role in the way you perceive food flavors.

Quiz Answers

  1. True. Eating foods that are too hot or too cold may lead to damage. Certain illnesses can damage your taste buds (think gum disease).
  2. True. You start losing some taste buds as you get older. This is not due to any oral health problems but just the natural course of aging. In addition to losing some taste buds, some of them may begin to decrease in size, as well, thereby affecting the way foods taste.
  3. True. Remember to consider the fact that it’s not only your taste buds affecting food flavors. If you have a cold, allergies, or something else is messing with your sense of smell, this could be a major contributing factor.

Save Your Sense Of Taste

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