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Tooth Loss: Answering FAQs

Are you quite sure about why tooth loss happens, what to do about it, whether you should worry about it, etc.? Have you lost a tooth or is this something that you’ve been worrying about because of oral health concerns? First, remember that even if you are in need of serious care, we welcome you and urge you to come in before your problems become even more complex. As for the information you’re seeking, we offer help in the form of an FAQs session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is tooth loss unavoidable? I’ve long assumed that it’s something that simply comes with getting older.

Answer: In most cases, this is something you can prevent. You do not need to expect to lose your teeth simply as a matter of aging. The primary reasons you may end up with missing teeth are neglect of dental care (both at home and avoiding professional care) and accidental trauma to your tooth.

Question: How can you treat tooth loss? What if I lose one tooth or multiple teeth? Can you help me?

Answer: We can speak with you and map out a detailed care plan that will suit your smile’s needs. We can help most patients in need with the use of dental implants (or implant-supported dentures).

Question: Is it actually important for me to replace missing teeth when I lose a tooth? Or, is it just a matter of esthetics?

Answer: Of course, replacing your teeth makes your smile look more attractive. However, addressing tooth loss is about more than just esthetics. It helps you maintain your jawbone fullness, it protects your oral health by promoting effective hygiene, and it helps prevent misalignment that occurs after losing your tooth or teeth.

Keep Your Smile Healthy By Replacing Missing Teeth

Talk with us about the best solution for your missing teeth, so you can restore your smile after tooth loss. We invite you to schedule an appointment with your Katy, TX dentist at Lathrop Dental Center by calling 832-437-3849. We proudly welcome patients and families from Katy, Fulshear, Weston Lakes, Simonton, Richmond, Rosenberg, Brookshire, Wallis, Orchard, Cypress, Sealy, Columbus, and all surrounding communities.