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FAQs: Tongue Rings, Lip Rings, And Damage

If you are feeling like adding a tongue ring or lip ring to your life is something that will enhance your personal style, you might find yourself dealing with a bit of a conundrum. You really want to go ahead and express yourself through an oral piercing but there’s a little voice in the back of your head that’s asking whether this is or is not safe for your oral health. Let us answer some questions we frequently receive from patients, so you know what’s what.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I come to you to ask if you think I should get a tongue ring or lip ring, will you ever say, “Yes, it’s a very good idea” or will you try to convince me otherwise?

Answer: We will tell you it’s better for your oral health to choose to skip the piercing. However, we will also be happy to assist you if this is a choice you have decided to make.

Question: Is it true that a tongue ring can pose a choking hazard? How is this possible?

Answer: There are a couple things that can occur here. First, your tongue may become very inflamed in reaction to the initial piercing or as the result of any infection that occurs. Of course, it is also possible to accidentally choke on the ring if you swallow it unintentionally.

Question: I don’t plan on playing with my tongue ring while I wear it, so do I really need to worry about any kind of damage to my oral health? What if I end up with a lip ring instead?

Answer: There’s always a chance of damage when you have metal or a hard substance near or in contact with your oral tissues. One single motion could crack a tooth. You can irritate and damage gum tissue. A lip ring can tear your skin and lead to infection.

Protect Your Smile By Asking Us For Advice

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