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Fluoride And Your Teeth: A Quiz

You’ve probably heard about fluoride, and have at least a vague idea that fluoride, in proper amounts, is good for your teeth. In 1945, a city in Colorado became the first to add fluoride to drinking water, and in subsequent years it became clear that, in proper amounts, fluoride strengthened tooth enamel against cavities. If you think you know a lot about fluoride (or if you want to learn more) take this quick quiz. Your smile and your healthy teeth will thank you!

Quiz Questions

Q 1: Fluoride protects by coating teeth

Q 2: When it comes to fluoride, more is always better

Q 3: Which of these are  good sources of fluoride? Choose all that apply.

  • Most bottled water
  • Most tap water
  • Apples and other fresh fruit
  • Fluoride treatments in your dentist’s office
  • Toothpaste

Quiz Answers

A 1: FALSE: Fluoride is a mineral that is absorbed and becomes a part of the tooth enamel. It does not just sit on the surface, but it becomes part of the enamel itself.

A 2: FALSE: Excessive amounts of fluoride can cause problems, both in the body as a whole, and by discoloring the developing teeth of children. That is why you should not swallow toothpaste, and why there are special fluoride-free toothpastes for children. Ask you dentist if you have questions about how much fluoride you or your children are exposed to on a daily basis.

A 3:  Tap water, fluoride treatments in your dentist’s office and most toothpaste are good sources of fluoride. Bottled water does not generally contain fluoride, nor do most fruits and vegetables in their natural states. Fruits and vegetables are still great choices for overall health, but they do not contribute significant fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel.

Your Teeth And Fluoride Make A Good Combination

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