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Q&A: Jaw Sounds And Sensations

Some individuals never notice a change with the function of their jaw joints. As such, they never learn much about their TMJs (temporomandibular joints, or jaw joints). However, if you’re someone who suddenly begins experiencing new sounds or other sensations in your jaw, or if perhaps this has been going on for quite some time, now is the moment to become much more acquainted with your jaw health. Let’s begin by helping you understand what’s going on and why TMJ disorder treatment might be what you need.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it normal for me to feel a popping or clicking in my jaw? How about being able to hear it? Why is this happening?

Answer: It’s not a sign of good function but it is not uncommon. Such new noises and sensations generally point to an underlying TMJ disorder problem (when your TMJs are not functioning their best and/or are injured in some way). The popping and clicking are symptoms of the malfunction.

Question: Should I take new sounds and sensations seriously? Or, is this just natural wear and tear?

Answer: You should, of course! Don’t become too worried (we offer TMJ disorder treatment) but do take a moment to contact us to schedule a visit. The sooner we treat problems with your TMJs, the easier it is to prevent possible damage.

Question: How can you help me overcome the issue with my TMJs, so I can get back to eating, speaking, and more without feeling worried about my jaw or uncomfortable?

Answer: We offer both TMJ Botox treatment as well as DTR therapy, both of which may offer improvement to the symptoms as well as the underlying disorder itself.

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