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TMJ Disorder: How Do I Know?

You may find yourself wondering how to figure out whether you’re dealing with TMJ disorder (TMD). Maybe, you think to yourself, you’re experiencing some other problem when soreness or strange symptoms show up. You may also wonder how one is supposed to identify a functional problem like TMD when the issue often flies under the radar for patients (and symptoms are common to a variety of health concerns). While it may seem a little confusing at first, we have some suggestions that will help you out.

Track Your Symptoms

It’s true that you may have trouble identifying TMJ disorder all by yourself. This becomes much more difficult when you don’t pay close attention to your symptoms. While we certainly do not wish for you to obsess over what’s happening with your oral health, we do encourage you to keep track of changes that occur. For instance, if you experience jaw soreness, headaches, pain in your neck, shoulders, or back, if your jaw makes new noises, if your teeth hurt, etc., simply jot down the experiences as they occur. This will help you narrow down the details and call us if you notice a trend.

Come In For A Visit

As you may have noticed, you’re not going to be able to definitively identify TMJ disorder with your own efforts. You may recognize that you think it’s affecting your oral health. However, you will ultimately require a professional examination. Remember, you might assume you’re dealing with TMD when it’s really bruxism or something similar. Let us help, so we can provide a precise diagnosis, as well as the best treatment for your needs.

Schedule A Visit For TMJ Disorder Today

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