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Why Sleep Doesn’t Solve TMJ Problems

You might think to yourself that coming in for care to alleviate TMJ problems is probably unnecessary. Instead, you assume that your nightly rest should give your jaw joints the break they need! Of course, over the eight or so hours that you sleep every night, you imagine that your jaw joints are relaxed and resting, so they will have time to heal. We appreciate this thought but, unfortunately, you may be doing more harm than good during your slumber. Let’s examine this issue and arrive at a much sounder solution.

Bruxism Often Happens At Night

You may already understand that bruxism is a common factor associated with TMJ problems. This is a disorder that gets in the way of your smile’s function, so it has nothing to do with hygiene. Instead, it will occur if your muscles are overactive, firing off and resulting in clenching your teeth or grinding them. The surprise factor? It often happens at night. Remember that this is an involuntary issue, which means you may be clenching and grinding throughout the night, while you sleep, which places an enormous amount of stress and strain on jaw joints.

Strange Jaw Positions May Cause Stress

Think about the times you’ve stared at someone while they sleep. Sometimes, they look perfectly blissful with their mouths closed. Other times, they have their mouth agape, jaw hanging to one side … not quite the angelic picture one might hope for. Unfortunately, when your jaw is in an awkward position as you sleep, it places stress on your jaw joints! Again, this can negatively contribute to TMJ problems. So, you’re far better off visiting us to learn more about how to address issue with your jaw than simply hoping that the usually regenerative nature of sleep will solve the concern.

See Our Team For Jaw Joint Solutions

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