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Your Jaws Weren’t Meant For…

There are some things your jaws were definitely meant for. You can probably quickly rattle these off without giving it too much thought. They’re meant to help you move your mouth open and closed, so you may eat food, so you may drink beverages and remain hydrated, so you may speak to communicate, and more! See? Simple. Now, how about those things that your jaws were not meant for? Did you know that when you employ your jaw joints to do work they should not be doing, it can contribute to TMJ disorder? Yep. Let’s review some potential problems to avoid.

Tearing Open Stubborn Packages

What’s the first thing that you do when you can’t get a stubborn package open? Perhaps a hard plastic package that you absolutely cannot tear or break apart with your hands? Do you immediately try to tear it open using your teeth? If so, it’s time to 100 percent give up this habit. You’re stressing your jaw joints, which were made to tear apart food but not meant to replace knives, scissors, pliers, etc. Give your TMJ disorder a break by only using your jaw joints for eating, talking, laughing … you get the idea.

Carrying Grocery Bags

Yet again, you may forget that your jaws, though strong, are not meant to help you carry something that your hands or shoulders should be toting. When your hands are full and you need to carry your keys, carry an extra bag, etc., don’t look to your mouth to help you out. In addition to placing your teeth in harm’s way, you also stress your jaw joints. Accept the fact that taking multiple trips to unload your trunk after a visit to the grocery store, for instance, will help you avoid aggravating your TMJ disorder. It’s worth it.

Protect TMJs By Making Careful Choices

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