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2 Reasons Orthodontic Treatment Matters

Crooked teeth are among the most common cosmetic concerns that patients express about their smiles, which is one reason why orthodontic treatment matters. A straighter and more attractive smile is one that you’ll be more likely to show off proudly. However, straightening crooked teeth matters for more than just your appearance and confidence. The alignment of your teeth plays an important role in many different aspects of your oral health. Today, we look at two of those aspects, and why orthodontic treatment matters to helping you avoid them.

Crooked Teeth Are More Likely to Decay

Good dental hygiene and the prevention of things like tooth decay rely on your ability to successfully keep your teeth clean and free of harmful oral bacteria. When your teeth are crooked, that ability is seriously hindered. The jutting, uneven edges and crevices created by tooth misalignment can give oral bacteria and food particles extra places to hide. Many such areas are unreachable with your toothbrush or floss, and therefore, your risks of developing tooth decay are significantly higher.

An Uneven Bite Doesn’t Function As Well

Your bite’s ability to function also relies heavily on the alignment of your teeth, which impacts the distribution of your bite’s pressure. If your teeth are uneven, then your jaws will have to work overtime keeping your bite straight every time you bite and chew, or open and close your mouth. The stress of this imbalance can lead to severe damage to your jaw joints, a condition known as TMJ disorder, and the decreased ability of your bite to function properly.

Ask Your Dentist if You Should Consider Orthodontics

If your teeth are crooked, then orthodontic treatment matters to more than just your smile’s appearance. To schedule your consultation, call Lathrop Dental Center in Katy, TX at 832-437-3849. We proudly welcome patients and families from Katy, Fulshear, Weston Lakes, Simonton, Richmond, Rosenberg, Brookshire, Wallis, Orchard, Cypress, Sealy, Columbus, and all surrounding communities.