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3 Things Dental Checkups Help You Avoid

Dental checkup appointments are an essential part of keeping your smile healthy for several different reasons. For instance, your visits include professionally cleaning away harmful plaque and tartar deposits from your teeth and gums to prevent the development of dental disease. Your visits also include thorough examinations by your dentist, which can often include the use of advanced digital imaging equipment for the most precise and accurate diagnoses. By sticking to a consistent routine of dental checkups, your dentist can help you avoid a number of serious dental concerns, and therefore, the extensive treatments that are required to address them.

1. Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment, is usually a minimally invasive procedure, but it involves removing the nerves and blood vessels from the tooth. The treatment is designed to address severe, internal tooth infection, which can be prevented with good hygiene and preventive care. If decay develops, then you have a better chance at treating it before root canal therapy is needed if you attend regularly scheduled checkup appointments.

2. Tooth loss

Aside from tooth infection, signs of gum disease can also provide ample warning if your dentist sees them in time. By treating and controlling gum disease early, you can prevent its most serious affects, including the destruction of your gums and jawbone structure that often lead to tooth loss.

3. Systemic health issues

In addition to protecting your smile, routine examinations from your dentist also increase your chances of detecting and addressing other concerns. For instance, oral cancer often manifests early as ulcers, sores, and other tissue abnormalities that you might not notice on your own. In cases of oral cancer, early detection during a dental checkup significantly increases the chances of successful treatment.

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