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Are Bad Habits At The Office Affecting Your Smile?

Will good preventive dental habits be enough to keep your smile safe from problems? While proper oral health care is certainly important, it can be undermined when you engage in poor habits throughout the day. Many people fail to realize how their office habits might be affecting the condition of their teeth. You could be hurting your smile by drinking coffee and tea for the caffeine – both can leave stains in your enamel. The wrong choices during lunch, or during a break, can increase your risk for cosmetic troubles, and the chances you might develop tooth decay. Your Katy, TX dentist can take great care of your smile at every checkup, and you can do your part by brushing and flossing. With that said, make sure your habits during the day do not interfere with your efforts to maintain your best smile.

Your Coffee Habit May Lead To Unattractive Teeth Stains

For many people, coffee is a fixed part of their work routine. If you have a long commute, an early start time, or a hectic schedule, it may be hard to resist caffeine. With that said, you should remember that beverages like coffee and tea contain particles that can leave stains behind in your enamel. Soft drinks can also leave stains, and hurt your teeth because of their high sugar content. For existing stains, you can talk to your dentist about a professional whitening treatment. If you want to avoid future stains, limit your intake of these dark beverages – staying hydrated by drinking water can help your energy levels.

Vending Machine Snacks Can Increase Your Risk For Cavities

A vending machine snack can be a nice treat, but too many trips for sugary, sticky products can lead to dental damage. Bringing healthy snacks from home can help you avoid issues with tooth decay.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Help You You Maintain Your Best Smile

At Lathrop Dental Center, patients who want to enjoy great smile care can look forward to dedicated preventive treatment when they come in for an appointment. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849. We serve individuals in and around Katy, TX, including Fulshear, Weston Lakes, Simonton, Richmond, Rosenberg, Brookshire, Wallis, Orchard, Cypress, Sealy, Columbus, and all other surrounding communities.