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3 Reasons Your Dentist Provides Composite Resin Fillings

When you suffer from tooth decay, the damage you suffer is, unfortunately, going to be permanent. With that said, even if your tooth is not able to heal itself, your dentist can make sure that your smile, and your tooth’s stability, are not affected. The restorative dental care your Katy, TX dentist provides can keep your problem tooth in good condition in the long term. For many patients, that care is provided with a composite resin filling. This type of filling bonds directly with your tooth, offering a remarkable support. You can be excited to see how discreet your filling is, as the composite resin used to make it can easily blend in with your enamel. While you do have access to attractive, durable restorative care, it is worth remembering that you still need to make cavity prevention your priority!

1. Your Filling Can Blend In More Easily, And You Can Avoid Cosmetic Problems

If you received a metal filling in the past, you may have been bothered by how it stood out on your tooth. Composite resin looks remarkably similar to dental enamel in texture, and its color can be made to match your tooth. This way, you can feel confident about how you look after you have a cavity addressed.

2. Composite Resin Can Bond Directly With Your Enamel

Modern fillings offered by your dentist are biocompatible, which means your tooth will bond directly with the filling. That leads to a secure hold, and more support for your smile. It also avoids the problem of a slight gap forming between the filling and your tooth, which can provide a place for bacteria to gather.

3. Your Filling Will Be More Resistant To The Effects Of Temperature Extremes

Wear and tear pose a threat to restorations, just like they pose a threat to your teeth. With that said, composite fillings offer an advantage over metal fillings because they are more resistant to temperature extremes. Excessive heat or cold can change a metal filling’s shape, which can hurt its stability, and lead to problems.

Receive A Composite Resin Filling From Lathrop Dental Center

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