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3 Surprising Factors That Can Affect Your Cavity Risk

Is cavity prevention all about brushing and flossing? While you certainly should appreciate the importance of both to your ongoing fight to prevent tooth decay, there are other important measures you should take if you want to keep your teeth in good condition. One thing you should do is plan to make dental checkups a semiannual habit. At each visit, your Katy, TX dentist can thoroughly study your smile, so that any concerns are pointed out and addressed. You also receive a professional cleaning which can exceed the level of support you provide when you brush and floss. Another thing you can do to make sure your smile remains in good shape is to be mindful of daily behaviors that can have more influence on your oral health than you realize. The way you approach daily oral care, your diet, and even your water intake can be more important than you realize to protecting your smile!

1. Overly Aggressive Brushing

The wrong approach to brushing your teeth can leave you more susceptible to cavities than you realize. One problem is with aggressive brushing. When you apply too much force, the friction can start wearing away layers of your enamel. That reduction in protection can make it easier for oral bacteria to harm your dental structure, which can result in you needing restorative dental work.

2. Acidic Foods And Drinks

You need to pay attention to how much sugar you consume on an average day, as harmful oral bacteria consume those sugars, leading to more trouble with tooth decay. One thing you also need to watch out for is the acidity of the products you consume. Acidic products can soften your enamel, so you have less of a natural defense against harm.

3. Dehydration

Are you drinking enough water? One symptom of dehydration is the inability to produce saliva. Because saliva helps you by clearing away harmful bacteria and debris in your mouth, a lack of this substance can be trouble for teeth.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Help You Avoid Trouble With Cavities

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