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How Professional Teeth Cleanings Protect You From Cavities

Through smart daily practices, you can defend yourself against the problems that might leave you in need of restorative dental care. Diligently cleaning your teeth each day is important, and you should take time to brush and floss thoroughly. Without these measures, you can allow plaque to gather, and tartar to form. Tartar formation is particularly worrying because your daily habits are not enough to clear it from your teeth. When you see your Katy, TX dentist for routine care, part of your checkup will consist of a professional dental cleaning. This treatment can remove tartar, which protects you from problems like tooth decay and gum disease. While your focus should be on preventing tartar from forming in the first place, you should make regular dental exams an ongoing habit.

You Need Help Removing Tartar From Your Teeth

When tartar forms, your smile can be in jeopardy. This substance is created when plaque deposits harden on teeth. When that hardening occurs, you can be vulnerable to the oral bacteria making up tartar. Until you receive a professional teeth cleaning, harmful accumulations of debris can continue to do harm to teeth, and you can experience a periodontal infection.

What Else Do You Gain By Regularly Seeing Your Dentist?

Every time you see your dentist, you are receiving a careful and thorough check for any problems that might call for professional care. When these inspections occur, it becomes possible for cavities to be identified in their earlier stages, leading to prompt care that limits the amount of harm your tooth suffers. That timeliness limits the spread of irreversible damage. Unless you have issues that call for a different treatment schedule, you should plan to see your dentist every six months.

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