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3 Actions You Can Take To Avoid Cavities In 2019

When you make up your resolutions for 2019, you may focus on things you want to achieve – in other words, things you want. Have you taken the time to think about what you DON’T want in the new year? Your goal should always be to avoid cavities. If you want to spend 2019 – and beyond – without the need for restorative dental work, make sure your oral care routine is effective. Your Katy, TX dentist is ready to help you during every routine dental checkup, but you also need to take expert care of your teeth between visits. Cavity prevention does not require extreme measures – be smart about your diet choices, and your brushing and flossing habits, to keep your smile in great shape.

1. Make Sure Your Preventive Dental Exams Are Scheduled For The Next Year

Having your routine dental visits set for the new year means making sure any oral health problems can be identified and addressed before there are complications. Thanks to the preventive care provided during every routine cleaning, you can also count on protection against plaque and tartar, which means a lower risk for future troubles.

2. Pay Attention To Your Brushing And Flossing Behaviors

Brushing and flossing habits need to be consistent, and each cleaning session needs to be thorough. If you continue to do a poor job of fully cleaning your teeth, or if you continue to skip cleaning them, your odds of needing restorative dental work go up.

3. Cut Back On Harmful Foods And Beverages

While many people plan dietary changes at the new year, not everyone takes time to consider their oral health needs when they do so. Cutting back on sugar, as well as items that are sticky, high in starch, or acidic, can help you reduce the threat of cavities.

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