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Address Jagged, Uneven, Or Damaged Teeth Hurting Your Smile

If you have a tooth looks jagged, uneven, or shows signs of damage, you may be eager to see what cosmetic dental work can do for you. After all, your smile depends on every visible tooth looking its best. Your Katy, TX dentist can use a treatment to carefully improve your appearance, and make improvements to the shape and structure of unattractive teeth. This work can lead to big changes, and your tooth can appear natural after that work concludes. Before committing to cosmetic work, your dentist will confirm your tooth does not require restorative support.

Using Cosmetic Dental Work To Address Problems With The Shape Or Size Of Certain Teeth

Cosmetic treatments use materials that closely match your enamel, so your smile will not show any obvious signs of being worked on. Your dentist can talk to you about the benefits of bonding and contouring work, or the placement of porcelain veneers – both make positive changes to a tooth’s shape, size, and color. While bonding and contouring procedures can be completed in less time, and can be more cost-effective, veneers are made from a more durable material.

What Can I Do To Make Sure My Cosmetic Work Has A Lasting Effect On My Smile?

Any time you undergo cosmetic work, you should make plans to keep your results looking their best. Smart dental care is always important – in addition to protecting your smile against oral health problems, your efforts can help you sustain the look of your tooth after a procedure is performed to improve it. Beyond practicing smart oral hygiene, you can limit problems by limiting your intake of products that are sugary, acidic, or likely to leave stains.

Your Problem Tooth May Need More Than Just Cosmetic Care

When your dentist looks at your smile to determine how to best treat a problem tooth, they are considering more than just what to do about your appearance. You could require more support for a problem tooth than cosmetic work can responsibly offer. In this case, you may need to have a dental crown placed – a lifelike crown can be custom-made for you, so this can still lead to meaningful esthetic changes.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Help You Correct Problems With Your Teeth

At Lathrop Dental Center, you can count on quality care if you need to do something about a tooth that seems flawed. Our practice offers multiple cosmetic treatments that can help with a tooth’s shape, size, or color. If necessary, you can also count on support in the form of necessary restorative work for a problem tooth. To learn more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849. In addition to serving Katy, TX families, we welcome people from Brookshire, Cypress, and all other nearby communities!