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Untreated Jaw Problems Can Lead To Chronic Headaches

If headaches feel like a common part of your life, you can be more than ready to identify – and address – their cause. Many people who experience problems with recurring headaches are experiencing a symptom of TMJ dysfunction, an issue with the joints muscles that operate their jaw. Your Katy, TX dentist can examine you to determine if this is a problem that affects you, and recommend treatment. Your problems may be connected to an issue with your bite function. By using modern technology, your dentist can carefully examine your bite to determine if something is wrong, and recommend an effective response.

Paying Attention To Symptoms Of TMJ Dysfunction

Headaches are frequently a symptom of TMJ dysfunction. Other problems include limited or painful jaw movement, which can interfere with your biting, chewing, and speaking. You can also feel pain concentrated in your jaw, your face, or even your neck and shoulders.

TMJ dysfunction and bruxism are often connected. Bruxism, a habit of unconsciously clenching your jaw, can lead to serious dental damage if it is not addressed. If you have already experienced dental damage as a result, your dentist can provide support with dental crowns.

The Link Between Your Jaw Problems And Your Bite Function

An untreated problem with the way you bite can wear on your jaw joints, and lead to your discomfort. By digitally analyzing the force you apply when you bite, your dentist can determine the cause of your troubles. Your problems could be connected to unaddressed alignment problems, or due to issues with particular teeth.

Planning TMJ Treatment With Your Dentist

If you have problems with TMJ dysfunction, your dentist can work with your to correct the issue. To address discomfort, a custom-made oral appliance can be crafted that helps you relax your jaw while you sleep. This reduction of pressure can help you put a stop to your recurring symptoms. If your problem is connected to crooked or uneven teeth, your dentist can speak with you about the benefits of orthodontic work.

You Can Receive Help With TMJ Dysfunction At Lathrop Dental Center!

If your daily life is being negatively affected by problems with TMJ dysfunction, make an appointment with Lathrop Dental Center to enjoy relief! Without treatment, TMJ dysfunction can lead to dental damage due to teeth grinding, and cause you to suffer from chronic aches and pains. Our practice also offers a modern approach to examining your oral health, so the cause of your issues can be identified and addressed. We are proud to offer dental care to families in Katy, TX, and surrounding areas like Fulshear, Rosenberg, Brookshire, and others. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.