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What Does It Take To Address A Tooth Infection?

What makes a tooth infection different from tooth decay? At the start, a cavity’s presence can harm your enamel. Over time, as decay continues to spread, your pulp can become infected as tooth damage allows bacteria to enter the inner chamber of your tooth. This can require a more involved restorative dental treatment than a cavity in its earlier stages. Your Katy, TX dentist can provide you treatment by performing a root canal procedure. In taking a modern approach to your oral health needs, your dentist can eliminate a real threat to your tooth while minimizing your discomfort. This treatment can also be needed after a dental injury, as trauma can lead to internal issues.

Undergoing A Root Canal Treatment

Your root canal treatment will involve your dentist accessing the interior of your tooth, completely removing infected tissues, and taking care to seal your pulp. Once the procedure itself is completed, your tooth will be fitted with a dental crown, which provides lasting support. This process can put a stop to an advanced cavity before the damage reaches a stage where the tooth cannot be saved. Because lifelike materials can be used in the making of a dental crown, you can feel confident that your appearance can remain essentially unchanged after your procedure.

Nervous About Dental Work? Some Reassuring Facts

If you feel nervous about a root canal, or any other dental procedure, you should know that modern care can provide you with a better experience than you anticipate. For instance, you can have dental sedation supplied to you, making you more comfortable during your time in the dentist’s chair. You can also count on your treatment to keep your appearance intact, as the crown you receive can be custom-made to fit in with your surrounding teeth.

Understanding The Value Of Routine Checkups For Preventing Infections

You should feel confident that your dentist can fully treat a problem with an infected tooth. Of course, that confidence should not stop you from taking care to avoid this, and other oral health issues. Regular dental exams provide regular chances for your dentist to see if anything might be wrong with your oral health. If decay is caught before the problem grows and results in an internal tooth infection, you can have a dental filling placed.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Help You Recover From A Tooth Infection

A tooth infection can be painful, and it can do serious harm to your oral health. Fortunately, Lathrop Dental Center is ready to work with you on restoring your tooth’s condition by performing a root canal treatment. Our practice is proud to make this, and other restorative treatments, available to residents in and around Katy, TX. To plan your appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.