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3 Common Smile Flaws That Can Be Addressed With Veneers

You may not be the only person affected by a particular dental flaw. Many individuals have issues with their appearance because of teeth that seem discolored, or damaged, or poorly aligned. With that said, you deserve to feel confident about the way you look – if your smile is holding you back from that, cosmetic dental treatment can help. Your Katy, TX dentist can talk to you about how many problems can be solved with porcelain veneers. These slender shells can be affixed to the front of teeth that are flawed, and hide issues that make you feel self-conscious.

1. You Can Fix Problems With Minor Dental Damage

In the event you seriously damage your tooth, restorative dental work can be required. With that said, there are times when damages are purely cosmetic. In these cases, your dentist can place a veneer, which only covers the front of a tooth, to hide flaws. This allows you to preserve more of your natural tooth structure than if you needed a dental crown.

2. You Can Address Naturally Occurring Smile Flaws

Your concerns about your smile may be connected to naturally occurring issues. You could have a tooth that seems smaller than its neighbors, one that appears out of place, or one that seems jagged or uneven. Veneers can be used to effectively hide these problems, and allow you to start showing off a more attractive, uniform smile.

It should be noted that while veneers can be effective for some alignment issues, your dentist will need to confirm this is an appropriate approach for you. It may be necessary to treat more serious alignment flaws with orthodontic work.

3. You Can Cover Up Blemishes Caused By Internal Tooth Problems

People often think about dental discoloration as a problem connected to teeth stains. This is often accurate – many people who suffer from a discolored smile are affected by a gathering of particles on their enamel left by different foods, drinks, or tobacco products. If this problem is the source of your concern over dental discoloration, a professional whitening treatment can be ideal for making improvements. If your problem lies with internal tooth problems that change the color of one tooth, or multiple teeth, porcelain veneers can be a better solution to the matter.

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