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We Can Identify The Issues That Affect Your Bite Function

If your bite function is flawed, you can experience some unpleasant consequences that impact your oral health. You can have problems with dental damage, and persistent pain, if you do nothing about your flawed bite. So why would you have an improper bite function, and what can you do about the problem? To better understand your bite function, your Katy, TX dentist can use advanced technology to study the way you apply pressure when you bite down. Starting with this study of your bite equilibration, your oral health issues can be explored, and you can receive the necessary care to improve your dental well-being, and your quality of life.

We Use Advanced Tools To Carefully Study Your Bite

By examining the application of force from your bite, your dentist can develop a better understanding of your oral health. There are several issues that might be influencing your dental function. You could be dealing with alignment issues because of crooked teeth. You could also have an awkward bite because of unaddressed dental damage, or because your movements are affected by TMJ dysfunction. Once your dentist understands what treatment or treatments are needed to improve your oral health, you can move forward with beneficial care.

Providing Relief From TMJ Dysfunction

Bite function issues can lead to TMJ dysfunction, or result because of unaddressed issues with your jaw joints and muscles. A special oral appliance can be used to address these issues, and help you feel more at ease when you bite and chew. The appliance helps by holding your jaw in a more comfortable position, which relaxes the excess tension that can strain the joints and muscles.

Making Oral Health Improvements That Can Improve Your Bite Function

TMJ dysfunction can be a painful, frustrating condition. With that said, you should know that properly restoring your dental well-being may take more than just treatment for TMJ dysfunction. If your poorly aligned teeth are affecting your bite, you may need to have an orthodontic adjustment. Your dentist can also look into untreated issues with dental damage, or tooth decay, that change the way you bite down. When restorative dental care is performed on vulnerable teeth, those teeth can more easily absorb biting and chewing pressures.

Lathrop Dental Center Is Ready To Help Improve Your Bite Function

If you are bothered by problems with your bite function, or persistent dental pains, Lathrop Dental Center can help you enjoy relief. By studying the application of force when you bite down, your dentist can identify the troubles that are impacting your life, and leading to persistent discomfort. Our Katy, TX practice is prepared to help you fully address the range of issues that might be affecting you. To book your appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.