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Addressing The Difficult Problems That Affect Your Smile

A small cavity can be found during a routine dental exam, and addressed with a dental filling made to match the look of your surrounding tooth structure. Your Katy, TX dentist is ready to address straightforward problems with tooth decay. With that said, you may have concerns over smile problems that seem more challenging. Can your dentist also help you correct problems with more advanced dental damage? What about problems that affect your dental function? If you need to have several problems addressed to properly restore your oral health, you can arrange a full mouth reconstruction, which will see your dentist work with you to fully improve your smile.

Dealing With Damaged Or Misshapen Teeth

Dental damage, and the presence of misshapen teeth, can make your smile look uneven or lopsided. Because people respond more favorably to a smile that is even and symmetrical, these issues with the shape of certain teeth can leave you feeling deeply self-conscious about the way you look. Your dentist can look for the right solution to these problems by examining teeth that seem unattractive, or look out of place. After this review, they can discuss cosmetic dental work, or the use of dental crowns to address teeth that need more than just esthetic improvements.

Addressing Problems With Poor Dental Alignment

Poor dental alignment can make you unhappy with your smile, and it can have a negative effect on your oral health. If the problem goes untreated, your bite function can be affected, and your cavity risk can be higher. Your dentist can talk to you about traditional orthodontic work to fix these issues. For those who qualify, Invisalign aligners can also be used to make corrections. Invisalign provides people with clear appliances that are difficult to notice, so the adjustment experience is more discreet.

Are You Worried About The General State Of Your Smile? Start Planning Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you are unsure what needs to happen to give you your best smile, set up a consultation with your dentist. During your visit, you can bring up the changes you would like to see. An initial evaluation can help your dentist determine how your smile should best be treated. If the issues holding you back are only cosmetic, a smile makeover can begin. For problems that also affect your oral health, restorative dental care can be required.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Help You Address Issues With The Quality Of Your Smile

At Lathrop Dental Center, individuals who feel that their smile needs considerable work can count on great support, and access to modern care. Our practice is ready to work with people in and around Katy, TX who need restorative and/or cosmetic dental work. To schedule your appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.