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Your Dentist Is Ready To Address Chipped Or Cracked Teeth

Damaged teeth can be unattractive, but you may have more to worry about than just an issue with your smile. Untreated chips and cracks may leave your teeth weakened, and vulnerable to greater harm. Your Katy, TX dentist can work with you to make sure your smile needs are addressed when you have problems with chipped or cracked teeth. After reviewing your needs, you can move forward with cosmetic dental treatment to improve the way you look, or restorative dental work to protect the health of teeth. If you need to have several teeth in need of treatment, you and your dentist can work out a long-term approach to a smile makeover.

Dental Injuries And Natural Friction Over Time Can Do Harm To Your Teeth

Different problems can end up having an effect on the health and appearance of your teeth. Damage is sometimes the result of accidents, which can be unfortunate and frustrating. In some cases, people start to notice signs of damage because of wear and tear over time. This can be exaggerated if you have problems with grinding your teeth at night. If this problem is affecting you, your dentist can talk to you about using an appliance to protect your smile.

Determining What Kind Of Care Is Called For To Address Damaged Teeth

The severity of your smile troubles can affect how your dentist might approach restoring your teeth. Your dentist will look out for signs that the health of your teeth are affected by damage. If your chipped or cracked teeth make it harder to bite and chew, dental crowns can help you restore your smile. If the damage affects how you look, but it does not threaten your oral health, porcelain veneers can improve your appearance by covering the front of your teeth.

The Link Between Teeth Grinding And Dental Damage

Grinding your teeth can make existing wear and tear worse, or cause new damages. This problem can be connected to TMJ dysfunction, which could occur due to untreated issues that affect your bite function. Your dentist can help you work through these problems, and make important changes to your oral health.

Lathrop Dental Center Is Ready To Help You Address Chipped Or Cracked Teeth

Lathrop Dental Center can work with you to fix your chipped or cracked teeth, and improve your smile! In addition to helping you make positive changes to the way you look, the right treatment can also protect you against further dental harm. We are proud to serve the community of Katy, TX, as well as neighboring and nearby areas. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for restorative or cosmetic dental care, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.