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Using A Study Of Your Bite To Evaluate Your Oral Health

Not everyone exhibits the same sort of bite function. One thing you should know is that if your bite is uneven, you may experience persistent, and frustrating, oral health troubles. People sometimes develop an uneven bite because of crooked teeth, or because of untreated issues that make certain teeth sensitive. Your Katy, TX dentist can use an advanced study of your bite equilibration to carefully observe your dental function. After this review, you can look into treatment options to address issues that might put your teeth at risk, or cause you discomfort.

Using Modern Technology To Study The Way You Apply Bite Pressure

Tekscan pressure mapping technology yields valuable information about the way you bite. The study can reveal when your upper and lower teeth meet, whether the connections between teeth are even, and how pressure is applied overall. Once this study is concluded, your dentist can look for ways to improve your bite. Successful treatment for your bite function can lower your risk for TMJ dysfunction, and reduce wear and tear on individual teeth that may currently do more work than you realize.

Developing A Plan To Address Issues Discovered During Your Bite Evaluation

Different people can receive different treatments to improve their dental function. For some, the answer to these issues will lie with orthodontic work. Your dentist can talk to you about traditional braces, or the use of Invisalign aligners, to make improvements to the alignment of your teeth. You could also require work on specific teeth, which may be weak or sensitive because of dental troubles. A dental crown can give a tooth more support, so that you can have an easier time putting biting and chewing pressure on it.

Your Dentist Can Work With You To Address Multiple Concerns

Sometimes, a study of your bite equilibration can be the start of a larger plan to address the different oral health issues that affect you. A full mouth reconstruction plan can involve restorative dental work on specific teeth, treatment to address TMJ dysfunction and bruxism, and other forms of care. While the process can vary from person to person, the goal of a full mouth reconstruction is always to help someone fully restore their oral health.

A Bite Evaluation At Lathrop Dental Center Can Give You Valuable Information About Your Oral Health

If you have been struggling with dental issues and persistent discomfort, you can talk to Lathrop Dental Center about arranging a study of your bite. This can be the first step in a larger process to address your oral health needs, or an opportunity to recognize what kind of issues currently affect you. If are interested in scheduling an appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.