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An Untreated Tooth Problem Can Impact Your Dental Function

If you do not seek professional dental care for a toothache, you can allow a problem to continue developing, and worsening. You can also put yourself in the uncomfortable position of having to change how you bite and chew. Changes to your dental function can lead to stress on your jaw, which can cause you to suffer TMJ dysfunction. Your Katy, TX dentist can help you deal with tooth pain by supplying the appropriate restorative dental treatment. Our practice can also help you alleviate pain from TMJ dysfunction that you may be feeling.

Providing Proper Care For An Injured Tooth, Or One Affected By Decay

A tooth injury, or an untreated problem with tooth decay, can be serious trouble for your well-being. A problem that results in frequent discomfort can ultimately damage your tooth to the point that it must be extracted. To make sure your oral health is not jeopardized by this problem, your dentist can perform a root canal treatment. Once the tooth’s health is addressed via this treatment, a dental crown can serve to restore it. Crowns offer protection from future infections, and they give a vulnerable tooth enough support to contribute properly when you bite and chew food.

Correcting Problems Created By Compromised Dental Function

If you have been forced to change your natural bite because of dental pain, you can experience TMJ dysfunction as a result. An appliance can be constructed to reduce the discomfort localized in your jaw joints and/or muscles. This appliance can also protect you from teeth grinding, a habit that can occur when someone has untreated TMJ issues.

It should be noted that your bite function can reveal important information about your oral health. If the source of your dental discomfort is not clear to you, your dentist can use a study of your bite to determine if flawed function has contributed to your troubles. From there, an appropriate response can be devised.

Making Plans To Sustain Improvements To Your Smile And Dental Function

By keeping up with regular dental visits, you can work with your dentist to maintain the condition of your smile. These appointments can lead to the earlier detection and treatment of problems like tooth decay. They can also provide you with support through professional teeth cleanings, which can help you stop decay from becoming a problem that requires your dentist’s help.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Help You Address A Tooth Problem That Affects Your Dental Function

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help you deal with toothaches, jaw pain, and other troubles that affect your quality of life! Our office can provide a range of modern services that can benefit you. To find out more about us, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.