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The Right Cosmetic Work Can Have A Big Effect On Your Smile

The work your Katy, TX dentist can do to address your smile flaws can lead to some significant improvements. Are you tired of seeing your teeth as dull or discolored, and ready to make them notably brighter? By completing a single teeth whitening treatment, you can make your smile whiter by many shades. Does it feel like wear and tear on your teeth make you look older? The right procedure can cover up these changes, and give you a renewed confidence in the way you look. Our practice is prepared to help you see the changes you desire. If you want to work through several issues that leave you feeling self-conscious, we can make arrangements to go through a smile makeover to help you!

Making Your Smile Brighter – Is A Whitening Treatment Always The Right Approach?

For people who have teeth that are stained, or look dull, a teeth whitening treatment can be highly beneficial. Rather than count on store bought products that treat surface stains, you can see your dentist about an in-office whitening session, or take home a whitening kit that can treat stubborn stains. While this approach can lead to some major improvements, you should know that whitening agents are meant to take on teeth stains, and there are some issues with discoloration caused by different factors. If you have issues because of intrinsic discoloration, or internal tooth problems, a different procedure may be more successful in helping you.

Covering Up Minor Dental Flaws Through Cosmetic Work

Cosmetic dental work can hide minor chips, cracks, and naturally occurring issues that change the shape or size of certain teeth. With porcelain veneers, or a bonding and contouring procedure, you can improve on the look of your teeth, and create the kind of improvements that make your smile appear younger and healthier.

You May Need To Improve Your Oral Health To Properly Improve Your Smile

Sometimes, a problem with your smile is also a problem for your oral health. Your dentist can certainly still help you, and give you the kind of smile improvements you want to see, but doing so may involve restorative dental work. Dental crowns have the ability to hide flaws with a tooth’s appearance while also improving its ability to bite and chew. Your dentist can determine if this is the right approach for you after performing a review of your smile.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Finding The Right Way To Improve Your Smile

Lathrop Dental Center offers many different procedures that are capable of helping you change the way your smile looks. In addition to helping you address your cosmetic dental concerns, we are prepared to help you take on oral health issues and orthodontic flaws. If you would like to arrange an appointment with us, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.