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Creating A Plan To Address Several Oral Health Issues

You can be surprised at how many oral health problems can accumulate if you are not keeping up with good oral health habits. People who fail to attend regular dental checkups can fail to realize that several problems have occurred…at least, they can fail to realize it until a problem compels them to seek treatment. After a long period away from the dentist’s chair, you can learn that it will take several restorative dental procedures to properly address your needs. Fortunately, your Katy, TX dentist’s office can work with you to take on multiple problems during a full mouth reconstruction.

What To Expect If You Have Several Teeth In Need Of Restorative Care

If you have multiple teeth that are actively experiencing tooth decay, you can work with your dentist to arrange all of the necessary care it will take to fully restore your smile. You and your dentist will team up to create a schedule for different procedures, with your most serious cavities being addressed first. The work you undergo may involve root canal procedures, in order to deal with internal tooth threats.

Creating A Plan To Address Problems Affecting Your Quality Of Life

A plan for your smile reconstruction can involve more than just cavity treatments. Your dentist can help you with issues that also affect your dental function. Problems with your bite function, as well as issues with your jaw joints, may be causing you difficulties. By addressing these matters, your dentist can improve your quality of life while also focusing on restoring your teeth.

Your Dentist Can Make Sure You Are Thrilled With Your Smile After Your Dental Work Is Done

If you want to see truly meaningful smile improvements, you can also discuss cosmetic dental treatments with your dentist. You might find that your dental work leads to some of the improvements you hoped to see – modern dental crowns that restore the health of teeth can also improve the way they look. If you are not satisfied with smile improvements after restorative work, porcelain veneers can effectively improve the look of teeth that are not already supported by restorations.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Offer Support For Several Oral Health Issues

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help patients make big improvements to their oral health, and their smile. We can work with you if a long break from dental care has left you with several teeth in need of treatment. We can also provide care to improve your dental function, so that you are not dealing with lingering discomfort because of untreated issues. If you are ready to learn more about the many services available to you, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.