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Oral Health Problems Could Be The Reason For Your Headaches

Does it really make sense to see your dentist because you keep experiencing headaches? As surprising as it may seem, your Katy, TX dentist may be just the right person to reach out to if you want to address this problem. One reason people have recurring headaches is because of untreated issues with their bite function, and/or due to TMJ dysfunction. You can reach out to arrange a study of your bite function, which can reveal if you could benefit from correcting the way you move your jaw, or if other oral health problems need to be dealt with to put a stop to your headaches.

Other Issues That You Can Experience Because Of TMJ Dysfunction

TMJ dysfunction can be a consequence of several different problems. Your dentist’s goal will be to put a stop to this matter, which is rooted in problems with your jaw joints and muscles. Providing care for the problem can improve your quality of life in many ways. In addition to causing headaches, TMJ dysfunction can lead to teeth grinding that does serious damage to your smile, problems with painful jaw movement, and discomfort in your face, neck, and shoulders.

Is A Problem With Your Bite Function Putting Pressure On Your Jaw Joints?

Your bite function may be flawed – to see if this is the case, your dentist can arrange a study of your bite equilibration. This will check the evenness of your bite, and determine if you are applying pressure evenly. Problems with poor bite function can be related to TMJ dysfunction, problems with the alignment of your teeth, and even untreated problems with teeth that are unhealthy.

Making Sure Your Oral Health Needs Are Fully Addressed

By keeping up with your oral health needs, you can improve your quality of life. At every dental exam, your dentist can identify problems with tooth decay and gum disease that need to be settled. These reviews can also reveal issues with dental damage, TMJ dysfunction, and other issues that might be affecting you. When problems are discovered and treated, you can enjoy a life free from the discomfort caused by various oral health problems.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Recurring Headaches

Lathrop Dental Center can talk to you about dealing with recurring headaches caused by TMJ dysfunction. Our practice is ready to help you improve your quality of life by improving your bite function, reducing the pressure on your jaw joints, and dealing with any dental issues that might need attention. Our practice is also ready to help you maintain your best smile by offering a range of preventive and cosmetic services! If you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.