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Selecting A Treatment To Address Misaligned Teeth

If your teeth are poorly aligned – if they are too far apart, overlapping, or otherwise out of place – the problem concerns more than just your smile. The alignment of a person’s teeth can affect their ability to defend themselves against plaque and tartar buildup, and it can make biting and chewing more difficult. An issue with your bite function can actually lead to pressure on your jaw that can cause headaches, jaw stiffness, and other issues associated with TMJ dysfunction. Your Katy, TX dentist is ready to talk with you about your alignment issues. While traditional orthodontic appliances are available, and effective, you can find that other orthodontic appliances can make improvements while having less impact on the way you look.

Orthodontic Work Can Make Important Cosmetic And Oral Health Improvements

You can certainly feel a rush of excitement when you picture yourself with straightened teeth – after all, this can lead to a dramatic smile improvement. What you should also be aware of is the impact that orthodontic work can have on your dental health. Straightened teeth can improve your bite, which can lead to less pressure on your joints, and even a more even distribution of pressure on your teeth, which can reduce the chances of certain teeth becoming prematurely worn down. In some cases, orthodontic work can help a person put a stop to their chronic migraines.

Asking Your Dentist About Invisalign Aligners

Not everyone who undergoes orthodontic work has to rely on traditional metal braces. You can ask your dentist about alternative appliances, like Invisalign, if you want to know what your alternatives are. Invisalign has become a popular means of fixing smile issues without metal braces. Custom clear aligners are instead used to gradually move your teeth into their proper positions. This is a treatment method that limits the effect orthodontic work might have on your smile. It can also be more convenient, as you will be able to remove these aligners on your own.

Covering Minor Issues With Dental Misalignment With Cosmetic Work

For many people with alignment problems, the correct approach will be some form of orthodontic treatment. For some individuals, mild flaws with gaps and overlaps can be addressed more quickly through cosmetic dental work. Custom porcelain veneers can be developed to hide gaps and overlaps that might be creating trouble for the way you look. Once placed, they can give your smile a look that makes it appear that your teeth are straight.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Addressing Your Misaligned Teeth

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help you explore your different options for dealing with misaligned teeth. You can learn more about orthodontic work, or find out if cosmetic dental care might be a viable alternative for you. If you wish to learn more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.