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Make Time To See Your Dentist About A Persistent Toothache

While you may prefer to pretend nothing is the matter, a persistent toothache is not a problem you want to ignore. The issue can be more than just an irritant, or an intrusion into your daily life – your pain could be a warning that your tooth is in urgent need of restorative dental work! Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can provide you with the appropriate care in the event you are suffering a toothache. This pain is often the result of an endodontic issue, meaning a problem within your tooth. Our practice is ready to provide a root canal treatment to address any internal issue caused by a cavity, or an untreated injury.

A Persistent Toothache Can Be The Symptom Of A Problem You Need To Address

If your tooth continues to hurt, you should be concerned about its overall health. A persistent pain could be a sign that something is wrong internally. In the center of your tooth, at your pulp, a tooth is sustained by living tissues. If something is affecting those nerves and blood vessels, it can become difficult to bite with the tooth, and you may feel an ache even when you are avoiding putting pressure on it. This can be a result of a cavity that has gone untreated for too long, or it could be the effect of an injury, particularly one that exposes the interior of your tooth.

Arranging A Root Canal Treatment

Your root canal treatment will address a problem in your pulp. Your dentist carefully removes the infection from your pulp, and seals the area to protect it from developing new issues. Your dentist is prepared to take on more than just this procedure itself, as you can also count on receiving a quality dental restoration. A custom dental crown will be designed and placed over the tooth. When this is done, it can ensure that you are able to bite and chew without any difficulties.

Anxious About Dental Visits? You Can Discuss Sedation With Your Dentist

One reason people delay necessary dental visits is because of anxiety about dental work. If you have a hard time picturing yourself in the dentist’s chair, you can find that dental sedation makes the experience easier. You can discuss your discomfort, and learn from your dentist how different approaches to sedation might be best equipped to help you.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Put A Stop To Your Persistent Toothache

Lathrop Dental Center is prepared to help you take on a problem causing you to experience a toothache. Our practice is committed to delivering expert care to individuals in and around the Katy, TX area, and we are prepared to meet with you if a toothache, or other issue, is causing you concern. If you wish to schedule an appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.