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How Worried Should I Really Be About One Lost Tooth?

Sure, you could understand wanting to act quickly if you lose a tooth that is highly visible, but how worried should you be when a missing tooth is harder to notice? If you have one gap closer to the back of your teeth, where people are unlikely to see it, should you still treat tooth loss like a priority? What you should understand is that a single missing tooth can be a big problem for your dental function, as your bite can be permanently changed. That change can put a strain on your jaw joints, and can lead to wear and tear on certain teeth that can become a problem. Your Katy, TX dentist can talk to you about the functional and cosmetic benefits of dental implant-based prosthetic work.

The Loss Of A Single Tooth Can Become A Big Problem

A problem with your bite function can lead to issues with your dental health, and may lead to ongoing troubles with TMJ dysfunction if it is not corrected. Unfortunately, if you do nothing about tooth loss, there may be nothing you can do to truly correct the matter. You can experience dental wear and tear that makes you more vulnerable to cavities, and you can start to feel aches and pains that stem from issues with your jaw.

Using A Dental Implant To Supply Great Support To Your Restoration

A dental implant-held prosthetic is reliable enough to help you bite and chew food, and the support of the implant itself can be good for your jawbone. When it comes to placing a single-tooth implant, your restoration is supported by what is effectively an artificial root. That “root” is keeping the tooth securely in place, even as you bite and chew with it. It also stimulates your jawbone, which keeps you from experiencing deterioration.

Making Sure All Of Your Oral Health Needs Are Addressed

Our practice can help you fully address your oral health needs when you have untreated problems, like tooth loss. If you have spent time with an incomplete smile, you may need work done just to prepare you for your implant placement. You can also benefit from work after your missing tooth is replaced, as you may have teeth that weakened over time due to your compromised bite.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Replace Your Lost Tooth

Lathrop Dental Center is prepared to help you fully deal with issues that are affecting your smile. Our practice is proud to offer implant-supported restorations that can take care of tooth loss, and we can help you manage any other concerns that might be impacting your quality of life. If you wish to schedule an appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.