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How Can I Tell If Bruxism Is Creating Problems In My Life?

Why is bruxism a difficult problem to manage? After all, the term refers to a habit of teeth grinding – when you catch yourself clenching your jaw, couldn’t you just put a stop to it? One reason this issue leads to so much trouble is that people who grind their teeth often do so throughout the night. You might not be awake while you are clenching your teeth, but you can certainly feel the effects of your habit when you wake! If you are experiencing problems with jaw and facial stiffness, or headaches and other pains associated with TMJ dysfunction, your Katy, TX dentist’s office can help!

How Can I Tell If I’m Grinding My Teeth While I Sleep?

You might not be awake to catch yourself grinding your teeth, but the symptoms you experience during your mornings can help you realize something is wrong. Starting your day with pain or sensitivity in your face, your jaw joints, or your teeth can certainly be a sign of bruxism. You can also observe wear and tear on teeth, which results due to the friction of grinding. If you seek help in time, you can put a stop to the problem with a custom appliance from your dentist. If you wait too long, you could wind up doing serious harm to your smile by chipping and cracking teeth!

Bruxism Can Be Linked To TMJ Dysfunction

Your bruxism issue could be connected to TMJ dysfunction. TMJ dysfunction has several possible causes – in fact, you could have TMJ dysfunction BECAUSE you have been grinding your teeth. You could also face this issue because of a problem with your bite alignment, due to an untreated injury, or because of arthritis in your jaw joints. Your dentist can do work to improve your bite function and relieve stress on your jaw joints. You can also receive help in the form of an appliance that reduces stress on your jaw joints.

Treating Dental Damage Connected To Teeth Grinding

So what happens if you suffer serious dental damage before you seek treatment for bruxism? After evaluating the amount of damage done to your teeth, your dentist can suggest an appropriate treatment. You could require dental crowns to address serious injuries. For less severe damage, cosmetic dental work may be appropriate.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center If You Need To Do Something About Bruxism

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help you if you have a problem with bruxism! At our practice, we can look for possible reasons you have been grinding your teeth, and help you with this problem, and any related issues with dental damage, or TMJ dysfunction. If you would like to find out more,  you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.