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3 Oral Health Problems That A Dental Crown Can Address

Dental crowns are important for dental care, because they can effectively address many different concerns. These restorations are used for patients who have issues with tooth decay that dental fillings cannot properly address. They also have important functional benefits, and they offer support when you have trouble with proper dental function. Your Katy, TX dentist understands that the right dental crown can provide important benefits for a person over time. Your dentist also understands that you might have some concerns about restorative dental work, particularly if the tooth being treated is conspicuously present when you smile. You can be glad to know that we do offer restorations that mimic the look of dental enamel – the appearance of these crowns will be lifelike enough to keep your smile effectively unchanged!

1. Damage Caused By Tooth Decay

People often associate restorative work with cavity treatment. While there are other circumstances where a person might need a crown, they are often used for the treatment of tooth decay. If you have a cavity that has done too much damage for a dental filling to address, a dental crown is used. This allows you to keep the vulnerable tooth, and continue to enjoy comfortable biting and chewing.

2. Problems With Your Bite Function

A problem with your bite function can start to affect your quality of life over time, and create aches and pains you have to deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes, these functional problems result because you are unable to fully apply pressure on a certain tooth, or certain teeth. In this situation, a dental crown might be used to help you bite in a way that is more comfortable, which can help you correct functional issues.

3. Physical Trauma Caused By A Dental Injury

While diligent daily care will help you avoid problems with tooth decay, dental injuries offer less warning, and they can be harder to avoid. If you injure a tooth, a dental crown might be used to protect it. If the tooth in question has only experienced superficial harm, a different approach can be taken. Cosmetic dental work requires less modification of your healthy tooth structure, so it can be recommended when a problem is milder. Instead of totally enveloping a tooth, like a crown would, a porcelain veneer only covers its front.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Receiving A Dental Crown

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