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You May Need A Root Canal To Address Your Cavity

Why would a root canal treatment have to be scheduled when you have a cavity? Is there any way for you to avoid this procedure, while still ensuring that your tooth is effectively restored? If you want to prevent the need for a root canal for your cavity, you need to make sure the problem is addressed before decay reaches your pulp, and starts doing damage to the inner chamber of your tooth. You can do this by keeping up with regular dental exams, and giving your Katy, TX dentist opportunities to spot decay, and treat your cavity with a dental filling. If the problem progresses to the point of causing internal problems, a root canal needs to take place to save your tooth from potentially serious consequences.

The Importance Of Fully Treating A Cavity When One Forms

No matter or how large or small it is when it is identified, it is important to have a cavity completely treated. Your tooth is not able to stop the growth of decay after a cavity forms. To make sure your oral health is protected, your dentist has to completely remove the harmful material from your tooth. When decay is severe enough to expose your pulp to harmful bacteria, a root canal procedure removes the infection fully, before sealing the pulp.

Arranging A Root Canal Treatment

Your dentist will examine a cavity’s severity, and let you know if a root canal treatment might be called for to take care of your tooth. While people sometimes carry negative associations with the term “root canal,” you can count on your dentist to make the process more comfortable than you might think possible. To help ensure your comfort, dental sedation can be recommended. After removing infected tissues from within your tooth, your pulp is sealed, to protect it from further troubles, and you will receive a dental crown to protect your tooth.

What If I Have More Than One Cavity Currently Affecting My Smile?

While a cavity serious enough to require a root canal is certainly a problem, it may not be your only concern after a review. A patient who has not kept up with regular exams may return to the dentist to find that several cavities have formed. If you need multiple procedures planed and performed, you and your dentist can work out a full mouth reconstruction plan, which can address cavities, and any other problems that might be playing a role in keeping you from your best oral health.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Planning Your Root Canal

A root canal treatment scheduled at Lathrop Dental Center can ensure that your cavity issue is fully resolved! If you are concerned about tooth decay, or have any other worries about your oral health, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.