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Finding The Right Way To Improve A Discolored Smile

Discolored teeth can create several issues that might make you self-conscious. Your smile can look unhealthy, older, and just not as attractive as it once was. This can lead to you feeling uncomfortable in pictures, while meeting new people, and generally any time you think people might notice the problem. While changing your behaviors and daily oral care habits can have some positive effects, it may be difficult for you to make meaningful improvements on your own. Fortunately, you can meet with your Katy, TX dentist to discuss your options for cosmetic dental work. In many cases, professional teeth whitening can produce the results you want. However, you may want to look into alternative treatment options to make sure your needs are totally addressed.

Dental Discoloration Makes Many People Self-Conscious About Their Appearance

Dental discoloration can be difficult to avoid, as many popular products you might enjoy can leave behind tannins and chromogens on your teeth, resulting in stains. While your typical smile routine might work well for you as you try to fight tooth decay, you can still notice that those stains building up, and hurting your appearance. Because discoloration can make teeth look less attractive and less healthy, you can be understandably worried that the problem might affect how others perceive you.

Take On Those Frustrating Teeth Stains With A Whitening Treatment!

If you are ready to do something serious about dental discoloration, make plans to undergo a teeth whitening treatment. We often recommend patients use a take-home whitening kit for their problems. The kit will allow you to easily apply potent bleaching agents across your smile, so your teeth enjoy an even treatment. Over the course of your procedure, you can see great changes to your smile! If you have especially serious stains, you might prefer our deep bleaching procedure, which combines the take-home kit with an in-office treatment, which can help eliminate especially tough stains.

Look Into Other Cosmetic Dental Treatments For Dental Discoloration

Why would a patient choose something other than a teeth whitening treatment for dental discoloration? Sometimes, an alternative cosmetic procedure might make more sense because someone wants to deal with more than just discoloration. In other cases, the issue with discoloration may be internal, meaning the problem is the result of something other than stains. Porcelain veneers are often used in these situations. You also have the option of undergoing a bonding and contouring treatment to see smile improvements. Both options can cover up discoloration, while also allowing you to make any desired improvements to the shape, size, and general condition of teeth.

Lathrop Dental Center Can Help You Effectively Deal With Dental Discoloration

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help people in and around Katy, TX deal with dental discoloration! If you have questions about teeth whitening, or any other cosmetic procedure that we offer, please let us know. To schedule an appointment, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.