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Migraines Can Be A Consequence Of Untreated Jaw Problems

When migraines and headaches intrude on your life, they create serious discomfort, and make it harder for you to take care of your daily responsibilities. In the short term, you may reach for aspirin to manage the problem, but while this can make a current headache more bearable, it can fail to address the reason for your frequent issues. Your Katy, TX dentist’s office can actually help you take on chronic headaches and migraines through Disclusion Time Reduction therapy, or DTR therapy. This treatment process addresses problems with your bite that can agitate your jaw joints in muscles, causing unpleasant issues with TMJ dysfunction. In addition to causing chronic headaches, TMJ dysfunction can make jaw movement difficult, and it can create pain in your face and neck.

Is TMJ Dysfunction Something You Should Worry About?

If you have ongoing issues with headaches, jaw pain or stiffness, and develop a habit of grinding your teeth while you sleep, you should be concerned about TMJ dysfunction. This term refers to any situation where problems with an individual’s jaw start to create painful issues for them. This can be the result of many different issues, but it can often happen because of unaddressed issues that affect the way you bite.

Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy Can Help Correct Your Jaw Troubles

Through DTR therapy, your dentist can work with you on correcting the bite problems that can contribute to your ongoing issues with TMJ dysfunction. This treatment will be based around the results of advanced studies of your current bite function, in order to determine what problems might be at the root of your issues. In addition to working on making these improvements, your dentist can also recommend treatment for any problems that might be interfering with your bite.

Are You In Need Of Dental Work To Improve Your Bite?

Your current oral health issues may be impacting your dental function in a negative way. After examining your bite, your dentist can determine what issues might need to be addressed. Restorative dental work can provide protection and support for vulnerable teeth, so you can more comfortably bite and chew with them. You can also discuss orthodontic work with your dentist, as poorly aligned teeth can make proper bite function difficult.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Your Issues With Migraines

If you have ongoing problems with headaches and migraines, you should consider addressing the matter with your dentist. The appropriate treatment may involve correcting your bite function, or addressing unresolved oral health issues. At Lathrop Dental Center, we can provide an advanced study to determine how your bite function and oral health might be affecting you, and recommend care that can put a stop to your chronic headaches. For more information, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.