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Are Crooked Teeth Hurting Your Smile? Ask About Invisalign

Is orthodontic treatment something that might help you improve your smile? Many people have issues with the positioning of their teeth, but avoid addressing the matter because they worry about life with metal braces. Traditional braces can deliver significant smile corrections, and they can offer oral health improvements, but their appearance can make some people – particularly adults – wary. At our Katy, TX dental practice, we can provide you with an alternative treatment in the form of Invisalign aligners! Choosing Invisalign over traditional braces will mean solving problems with poor dental alignment with discreet, convenient appliances. This can be a welcome solution for people who want something less conspicuous, and less intrusive, than bracket-and-wire braces.

You Can Correct Alignment Flaws Without Metal Braces

While some people with significant alignment flaws can require the support of metal braces, many others will discover that they do not need to take this approach to improve their smile alignment. When you choose Invisalign, or look into other orthodontic appliances, you can find out that your dental correction is something you can enjoy without drawing unwanted attention.

Your Experience With Invisalign Aligners

How will you adjust to life wearing your Invisalign aligners? Because they are difficult to notice, and easily removed, you can find that little about your daily life changes with their presence. In fact, you can discover that Invisalign aligners are capable of offering improvements while having little impact on you at work, or in social settings. It is important to wear these appliances as often as possible, as their continued presence will help you stay on track with your treatment timeline.

Crooked Teeth Can Affect More Your Appearance

While it is easy to see how poor dental alignment can affect your smile, other problems associated with this issue should also be called out, and addressed. Ongoing troubles with your bite function could be a result of teeth that are poorly spaced, or out of their proper places. To help you avoid future issues with TMJ dysfunction, your dentist may recommend starting your adjustment. Correcting your alignment is also useful for improving your defense against tooth decay.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Invisalign!

Lathrop Dental Center is ready to help you improve your smile with Invisalign! With these modern, discreet appliances, patients can make positive changes to their appearance by straightening poorly aligned teeth. This can be more than just a way to make your smile more attractive – with straighter teeth, you can improve your bite function, and improve your ability to prevent cavities. This is one of many services that our Katy, TX practice can offer to help people feel great about the way they look! To learn more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.