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How Can A “Bad Bite” Affect Your Oral Health?

What problems tend to lead to oral health troubles over time? A poor diet is certainly something that can create problems; inconsistent brushing and flossing can also lead to issues that call for restorative dental work. You may not think about the quality of your bite affecting your oral health, but a bad bite can be a serious issue if it is not addressed! An unresolved issue with your bite function can create harmful stress on your jaw, and you can overwork certain teeth without realizing it. At our Katy, TX dental office, we can determine if you have issues with a bad bite through a test that maps your bite pressure. In addition to identifying a problem, we can recommend solutions based on the results of your evaluation.

Bite Problems Can Lead To Frustrating Oral Health Problems

Over time, a flawed bite can result in a person experiencing TMJ dysfunction. This can have several unwelcome effects on that person’s daily life. Headaches, even migraines, can sometimes be traced back to TMJ problems. A person with this issue can also experience pain when biting and chewing, as well as discomfort in their face and neck. If your flawed bite is causing you to rely too much on certain teeth, those teeth can be more vulnerable to health issues.

Using Technology To Carefully Examine Your Bite Function

With Tekscan pressure mapping technology, we can do a thorough study of your bite equilibration. This test maps out how your teeth meet when you bite down, while also evaluating the evenness of separation when you open your mouth again. This study can result in useful information about your bite movement, and a correction to your typical bite motion can help put a stop to ongoing TMJ issues. This evaluation is also useful for determining what role your dental alignment might be playing in your bite function, and for determining if you have problems with teeth that make an even bite more difficult for you.

We Can Help You Address All Of Your Oral Health Concerns

Treating TMJ dysfunction through correcting your bite, and the use of a custom appliance, can put a stop to ongoing discomfort. With that said, there are cases where it is necessary to fix problems with a person’s bite through orthodontic work, or with the placing of dental crowns on any teeth that you cannot comfortably place pressure on when you bite. After this work is complete, you can feel more comfortable when you bite, and you can even feel more confident in your smile!

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Correcting Problems With A Bad Bite

At Lathrop Dental Center, our practice is ready to help individuals in Katy, TX and Fulshear, TX who have issues with their bite, or any other problems with their oral health. For more information, you can contact our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.