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An Untreated Dental Problem Can Lead To TMJ Disorder

Our teeth are remarkably resilient, but the unfortunate matter is that when a tooth requires professional dental care, trouble can continue to worsen until it receives that care. If you have a problem with a cavity, oral bacteria can eventually work its way to the center of your tooth, and cause problems for the living tissues housed there. Eventually, bacteria can create further harm by leaving your tooth through its roots. You also need to worry about the impact a dental problem can have on your bite. Cavities and other dental issues can interfere with your bite function, which can create the kind of jaw stress that leads to TMJ disorder. Our Katy, TX dental practice can address oral health problems that affect you, and relieve your issues with TMJ disorder!

Poor Dental Health Can Create Problems For Your Bite Function

A problem with your tooth may cause you to have problems maintaining bite equilibrium. If this is the case, you may unwittingly create stress on your jaw joints and muscles that can create additional problems for you. As a result of your awkward bite, you can start to experience headaches, facial pain, and difficulty moving your jaw – all of these problems are symptoms of TMJ disorder. Of course, you should also be concerned with the pain in a tooth that is affecting your bite function.

How TMJ Disorder Can Affect Your Life

TMJ problems can result from many different factors. You could start to have problems because of stress, or because an injury creates long-term trouble for your jaw. With that said, unresolved issues that affect your natural bite function can create discomfort that leads to daily problems. TMJ disorder can make it difficult for you to move your jaw whenever you eat, speak, or laugh. You can find it difficult to go through your routine because of headaches, neck pain, and other forms of discomfort. If one of your problems concerns nightly teeth grinding, you can experience dental damage that can hurt your smile, and your oral health.

We Can Help You Fully Recover Your Oral Health During A Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you have issues with TMJ disorder, as well as a problem with dental decay, we can arrange the treatments you need to help you fully recover your smile. For individuals who need help working through multiple problems, a full mouth reconstruction can be beneficial. During your full mouth reconstruction, we can perform a careful review to see what problems might be affecting you, and talk to you about a treatment plan to return you to your ideal oral health.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Addressing Dental Problems That Can Cause TMJ Disorder

At Lathrop Dental Center, we are prepared to help people in Katy, TX and all surrounding communities, who are affected by poor dental health. We can help you identify the cause of a painful toothache, and look into additional troubles, like TMJ disorder, that call for attention. To find out more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX by calling 832-437-3849.