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Is Jaw Pain Starting To Ruin Your Meals?

A trip to your favorite restaurant can be less than exciting when you have problems with jaw pain. Many people who start to experience issues with their jaw can find that the basic functions of biting and chewing are starting to become difficult, or uncomfortable. What you should know is that this problem can be related to other concerns, like problems with recurring headaches, and nightly teeth grinding. Our Katy, TX dental office is ready to help you determine why you have problems with jaw pain, and we can find a solution. Your issues could point to TMJ dysfunction, which can call for treatment to address other oral health concerns, or problems with the motion you use when biting down.

Untreated Jaw Problems Can Limit Your Bite Movements, And Cause Pain

TMJ dysfunction refers to any issue that leads to chronic jaw problems. Your problems could stem from stress, from teeth grinding, or from an injury that affects the alignment of your jaw. If a problem is not managed, your condition can start to become more intrusive. You may find yourself unable to eat, laugh, or even speak with some limitation in your jaw movement. You can also experience pain in your face and neck, along with irritating headaches.

Should You Pay More Attention To Your Bite Function?

Many cases of TMJ dysfunction are tied to a poor bite. Should you be concerned about how your biting and chewing motions might be affecting you? Sometimes, people unknowingly develop problems with their bite motion, while others have issues with their bite caused by oral health problems, or even poor dental alignment. We can measure your bite with Tekscan pressure mapping technology – if problems are identified, we can work with you to correct your movements. We can also use this information to determine if you might need dental crowns for weak teeth that do not provide bite support, or issues with misalignment.

Wearing A Custom Appliance To Reduce Jaw Discomfort

A custom oral appliance is often called for when a person struggles with TMJ dysfunction. We can custom-make your appliance, so that it fits comfortably. Worn at night, the oral insert that you receive can relax your jaw, and ease tension in the joints and muscles. We can also use an appliance to stop nightly teeth grinding from doing damage to your smile.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Addressing Jaw Pain

Patients who struggle with jaw pain can come to Lathrop Dental Center to discuss their treatment options! Our practice can work with you to address problems with TMJ dysfunction, and help you address the reasons for your discomfort. We can also offer different oral health treatments that can improve your bite, and put a stop to your problems. To find out more, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.