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Cosmetic Dentistry Offers Several Teeth Whitening Options

The field of cosmetic dentistry includes several procedures that can help with dental discoloration. If you feel that your smile is starting to look dull, or if you have a tooth that no longer matches its neighbors, our Katy, TX dental practice can help you see meaningful improvements. Teeth whitening treatments are commonly recommended to help with discoloration. The potent whitening agents available at our practice can effectively treat stains that are difficult to remove with store bought products. If you have discoloration that can be traced to something other than stains, we can recommend a different cosmetic treatment to make sure you see quality improvements.

Tired Of Your Distracting Teeth Stains? Look Into A Whitening Treatment

Teeth stains can be hard to avoid, and they can become a growing issue even if you are doing an effective job cleaning your teeth and preventing tooth decay. People who are eager to see improvements often try to use whitening agents that they find at their nearby grocery store, only to see limited improvements. Our professional bleaching agents offer a more effective means of removing stains, and brightening your tooth structure. You can take home a custom kit with materials capable of helping you make significant changes to the way you look!

Combining A Take-Home Whitening Kit With In-Office Treatment Can Help With More Severe Stains

If you have deep-set stains that are prominent and distracting, a more thorough whitening treatment might be appropriate. By combining the take-home whitening kit with in-office treatment, we can help patients who are bothered by significant teeth stains. This pairing of treatments can help you see remarkable changes, even if you have unusually tough stains.

Some Forms Of Discoloration Can Call For A Different Approach To Cosmetic Dental Care

While your smile may be discolored, you may need to think about something other than treatment for teeth stains. Internal tooth problems can hurt the color of teeth – you may have a tooth change color after injury, or see a difference in your smile after taking certain medications. Enamel erosion over time can also lead to unflattering stains. You may be able to have a problem with injured teeth fixed through dental bonding work. Because dental bonding does not require the use of a custom restoration, it is often possible to have improvements after just one appointment. For particularly distracting discoloration issues, porcelain veneers can be created and placed to hide your flaws.

Talk To Lathrop Dental Center About Making Your Smile Whiter!

At Lathrop Dental Center, we are ready to help patients who are struggling with dental discoloration! We can determine the right cosmetic procedure based on the severity of your stains, or the source of your problem. For more information, you can reach our office in Katy, TX, by calling 832-437-3849.